LSSU Nixes 8 AM Classes

Starting in the fall semester of 2016, Lake Superior State University will no longer have classes at 8 AM.  You can read about the new policy at:

I have been teaching Fish Ecology at 8 AM on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday during the spring semester.  There are lots of yawns and eyes at half-mast out in the audience.  Its not because I’m boring them, is it?  Nah, can’t be.

We are pretty far north here in Sault Ste. Marie, which means short winter days.  If you haven’t experienced going to work in the dark and heading home in the dark, I can tell you it gets old, fast.  Next year Fish Ecology will start at 9 AM.   I plan to compare the performance of students among the years in which the class started at 8 vs. 9 to determine if that hour difference translates to improved student learning.  I also hope that I’ll see less yawns, so I can disprove the “I’m boring them” hypothesis.

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