Student Opportunities

I am looking for LSSU students interested in working on projects related to:

  • Comparing catches of wetland fishes in various gears (e.g., minnow traps, anuran traps, fyke nets)
  • How detection ranges differ among acoustic tags of different sizes and between stationary vs. mobile tracking units
  • Age and growth of Northern Pike from the St. Marys River
  • Quantify anti-herbivory compounds (e.g., alkaloids and phenolics) in invasive, European Frog-bit
  • Effects of light and water depth on emergence of European Frog-bit turions
  • Nutrient update and energy density of European Frog-bit turions
  • Aquatic invasive species in the St. Marys River (collaboration with USFWS, DFO, and Sault Ste. Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians)
  • Quantifying return-to-creel of Atlantic Salmon reared under different conditions (e.g., CFRE Hatchery, DNR hatcheries)
  • Evaluation of creel survey methods (e.g., comparing data from interviews, cameras, and post card surveys)
  • Quantifying fecundity and egg quality of Lake Whitefish, especially in response to Dreissenid mussel invasions
  • Evaluating the effects of different fertilization regimes on water quality and survival and growth of age-0 Walleye in hatchery ponds (collaboration with Sault Tribe of Chippewa Indians)
  • Determining if growth and survival of predatory fishes (age-0 Muskellunge, Northern Pike, and Walleye) differs when feed preferred or non-preferred prey
  • Assessing nearshore fish assemblages in the St. Marys River
  • Validating structures used to estimate the age of fishes
  • Population characteristics and genetic structure of Pink Salmon in the St. Marys River
  • Understanding how herbivorous freshwater fishes (e.g., Rudd or Grass Carp) affect ecosystem structure and function

Ongoing student projects

  • Concentration of thiamine in livers and eggs of female Atlantic, Chinook, and Coho Salmon in the Great Lakes Region
  • Diet study of Round Whitefish Prosopium cylindraceum in the St. Marys River
  • Effects of microplastics on growth and condition of Goldfish Carassius auratus
  • Comparing the use of sites with and without European Frog-bit (Hydrocharis morsus-ranae
    L.) by water birds using camera monitoring

Completed projects

  • Phenology of European Frog-bit in the St. Marys River
  • Quantifying effects of water color on feeding by Walleye
  • Quantifying effects of simulated sound on feeding by Walleye
  • Investigating the sensitivity stage of Atlantic Salmon and Rainbow Trout eggs
  • Identifying spawning and nursery habitats of Northern Pike in the Les Cheneaux Islands
  • Vulnerability of nesting Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass to different angling baits
  • Comparing larval fish assemblages at three sites in the St. Marys River
  • Morphometric comparison of Splake and Lake Trout
  • Meristic comparison of even and odd year spawning Pink Salmon in the St. Marys River
  • Determining if growth of age-0 Walleye differs when feed Bluntnose Minnow vs. Brook Stickleback
  • Effect of Chestnut Lamprey on condition of host fishes
  • Using trail cameras to estimate angler hours at Cornwall Flooding, MI
  • Barotrauma in Lake Whitefish associated with commercial trap-netting
  • Monitoring water quality in response to management actions at the Hiawatha Sportsmans Club
  • Early development of Cisco during culture
  • Does bioaccumulation of mercury differ between wild and hatchery-reared Lake Trout in Lake Huron?
  • A population survey of native and non-native crayfish in three Delta County, Michigan rivers
  • Does vulnerability to predation by Walleye differ between Round Goby and Mottled Sculpin?

***You must be currently enrolled at LSSU in a major within the School of Natural Resources & Environment to qualify***